“Method of teaching is very powerful and extremely motivational... indisputably, the ability to teach comes from her soul!”

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Who created this innovative technique?

Verónica Muñoz, is originally from Argentina, presently living and working in Canada She is a professional English/Spanish translator and interpreter holding a degree in Scientific, Literary and Technical Spanish/English Translation. She has studied both English and Spanish throughout her career, covering every linguistic, semantic and grammatical aspect of both languages as well as years of Social Psychology and Law. Her combined education and work experience with students, government institutions, businesses (such as Sony Music, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, American Express, BMG, etc.) schools, consulates and even the
Argentinean Presidency, taught her that the soul of any language lies in communication. Using the premise that language is a social experience, she developed Spanish The Natural Approach© technique.

Verónica has an open, enthusiastic personality, full of energy and life which motivates and encourages her students. Spanish The Natural Approach© is based on a spontaneous, interactive learning method in which the student learns faster. Instead of traditional methods that focus on grammar, tedious verb conjugations and boring repetition, Verónica uses role-playing, gestures, dramatization, natural settings, and improvised dialogues based on real situations. She has written Spanish The Natural Approach© book following her own method. She&rsquos taught many classes and worked with people from diverse backgrounds, with different reasons for learning. This has provided her with the confidence and knowledge to deal creatively and naturally with all sorts of challenging situations and individuals . Experiencing one of Verónica&rsquos classes will leave anyone with a sense of having participated in something magical.

Spanish The Natural Approach© method is guaranteed to work. It&rsquos been successfully tested for 5 years with hundreds of students of all ages and backgrounds and the results have been absolutely fantastic.

Why Spanish?

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for learning Spanish and an overwhelming interest in this language and culture has developed. Statistics show that in years to come, Spanish will become essential to the English speaking population. This in turn, has caused a need for North Americans to find fast and effective ways to learn this language. Spanish The Natural Approach© method will meet your highest expectations.

What are your ongoing services?

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- House calls can also be arranged to suit your language needs at your convenience.

Translation & Interpretation services are also available.

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