“Learning a new language such as Spanish is easier than you think! By using simple ‘hands-on’ techniques in a relaxed, fun-filled setting, Verónica Muñoz’s Spanish The Natural Approach© will take you through the paces of using everyday language.”

Denise Keefe
General Interest
Program Leader
North York Board of Education, Canada



Discover the innovative Language Entertainment approach that blends learning, fun and travel!

What is Language Entertainment?

We are an agency set up to provide excellent Spanish instruction to businesses, travellers and individuals using Spanish The Natural Approach© method.

This guarantees:

• Highest standard of excellence.
• Professional language education and teaching background.
• A friendly instructor, full of life and energy.
• Excellent skills, dedication to teaching, and performance.

What is “Spanish The Natural Approach©”?

It is an innovative, interactive and effective way of teaching languages focused on the communicative aspect of language. It encourages learning through experiences and situational teaching involving role-playing, dialogues and the constant use of the language in a natural, relaxed and enjoyable way. The way the language is internalized and acquired determines how it is learned.

Through Spanish The Natural Approach©, language is learned by a series of fun activities involving association to actions, enjoyable experiences, games and images, resulting in an long lasting learning experience.

What can Spanish The Natural Approach© offer?

Spanish The Natural Approach© benefits clubs, resorts, cruise lines and their guests in numerous ways:

• It’s a unique activity for members and guests to enjoy.
• It offers an alternative to people who are not interested in athletic or other activities, to participate in a fun activity in the club/resort setting.
• Spanish The Natural Approach©'s wide appeal allows guests to meet a wider variety of people, and builds a more diverse customer base for the vacation destination.
• Members will love it and will want to share their experiences with friends and family.

Why Spanish?

Right now Languages Entertainment is offering Spanish The Natural Approach© to travel destinations in, and cruises visiting Spanish lands. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for learning Spanish and an overwhelming interest in this language and culture has developed. Statistics show that in years to come, Spanish will become essential to the English speaking population. This in turn, has caused a need for North Americans to find fast and effective ways to learn this language. This special implementation of Spanish The Natural Approach© is being offered for the 1999 season, exclusively to clubs, cruise lines, hotels and resorts.

Spanish The Natural Approach© and travellers

For people learning Spanish, travelling is the next step to experiencing the language. For travellers visiting Spanish speaking lands, learning the language makes their trip and altogether more enjoyable experience. Considering that the best way to learn a language is being in the land where it is spoken; Spanish The Natural Approach© on board combines these needs and offers a one-stop shopping for travelling and language needs.

Travelers can get a taste of the essential vocabulary they will want to use while visiting or shopping. Instead of a dark classroom; classes will be conducted in lively settings occasionally changed to the most appropriate place for the topic being covered. Their classes can be supported by listening to the lyrics and music on our tape/CD or by using Spanish The Natural Approach© book.

To get the most out of Spanish The Natural Approach©, clients need to be relaxed and in a disposition to enjoy while learning. Entertainment, travelling and learning blend perfectly in this innovative method. Relating to local people gives students a chance to get in touch with dialects and accents that they might not otherwise experience. This makes it a perfect chance for both polishing and practicing the language.

The fun continues when the instructor fluent in both languages, accompanies the passengers on local visits, to help them use what they’ve learned. The group can enjoy communicating in the new language and the teacher can provide assistance with any problems. Everyday during the class they will learn useful tips which they will be eager to put into practice as soon as they have the opportunity.

Who will be interested?

Members who travel:

For travellers visiting Spanish speaking lands, learning the language makes their trip and altogether more enriching and rewarding experience. The classes will furnish them with all the vocabulary to meet their travelling needs and will give them confidence in their communicative skills. Spanish The Natural Approach© will open a whole new understanding into the Spanish language and culture.

Members who are business people:

With NAFTA and the global village, more businesses are now reaching Spanish markets. As the world becomes a smaller place, effective communication becomes an essential tool. Learning Spanish becomes the next step in achieving first-hand success in all of your company’s potential transactions and operations in the lucrative Spanish market. Spanish The Natural Approach© will improve your business and your employees will be able to work easily in a foreign market.
How are the classes run?

How are the classes run?

The classes do not require any previous experience or knowledge of the language and can be enjoyed and joined at any age. General group sessions will be offered to members to sign up at a convenient time. Members, wishing to learn even more intensively, can take personalized classes, targeted to their individual needs. Conversational classes will be available to people already functional in Spanish at a different time from the general session. Anyone with previous knowledge of the language can join the group and enjoy discussions about a wide variety of topics.

The flow of the conversation will be in the hands of the instructor who will be sitting as a member of the group. Acting as a facilitator, the instructor will help members get involved in conversations and will pose questions to encourage them to talk and improve their language skills. Corrections will be done in a friendly way suggesting the proper way to express a thought and helping the members enlarge their vocabulary and better express their ideas.

Classes will be a unique energizing and invigorating experience. We incorporate real-life examples, role-playing, acting upon the language and participating in dialogues. Students will learn without realizing it as they apply the acquired information into useful situations.

This is not a typical language class which they might have experienced in many schools and institutions in the past. The classroom can occasionally change to suit the most appropriate place for the topic being taught and the objects used are all real things naturally existing in the setting. The instructor’s task is to be creative enough to make the most out of everything already present in the teaching setting and integrate this into the session. All the information can be reviewed at home by listening to the tape/CD and by using Spanish The Natural Approach© book.

What other learning activities will be offered?

Several times a year Language Entertainment organizes a one-week trip to a different Spanish speaking country. Anyone who has taken the course can sign up in advance to go. During the trip members will get an intensive Spanish session everyday and afterwards they will be taken to the surrounding areas, villages, markets, restaurants to apply whatever they have covered that day.

Still not convinced?

We will give you a free demonstration* to prove that our method is fun and effective. We are so certain that your business will love experiencing Spanish The Natural Approach© that we can make this offer to you.

* Subject to scheduling.

Our clients say…

“Learning a new language such as Spanish is easier than you think! By using simple “hands-on” techniques in a relaxed, fun-filled setting, Verónica Muñoz’s Spanish The Natural Approach© will take you through the paces of using everyday language.”

Denise Keefe
General Interest
Program Leader.
North York Board of Education. Canada

“....method of teaching is most enjoyable....”

Edward Weisberg
Mercy International Canada

“...very comprehensive and interesting lesson(s)... and a very good ambassador for Spanish speaking countries, and the Spanish language. Being retired and later on in our lives, going to her classes is not a chore but a real pleasure because of her pleasant and bubbly attitude.”

Margaret and Jerry Cattanach
Don Mills, Canada

“.. the encouragement and sense of fun puts you at ease and makes you feel free to use the language... with Spanish The Natural Approach© you absorb the language without knowing it is happening...”

Anne Murdock
Artist Manager from Toronto, Canada

“...very friendly... quickly established rapport...”

Carole Wedel Sellars,
Ph. D., CCC Speech and Language Psychologist
Minnesota, U.S.A .

“...Ms. Muñoz has a remarkable conscientiousness in her performance...”

Liliana M. Silber de De Manas
Head of the Translators’ Training Course. Santa Fe, Argentina.

“...Ms. Muñoz has an incredible interdisciplinary background, intellectual aptitudes, dedication, devotion to work, professional responsibility and communicative ability...”

Dr. Jorge Micozzi
Clinical and Communication Psychologist
Full Professor of the Course Group Dynamics
Santa Fe, Argentina

“Method of teaching is very powerful and extremely motivational... indisputably, the ability to teach comes from her soul!”

Angelos and Maria Kovounis
Artistik Desktop

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