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As organizer of an event which is providing professional interpretation services always make sure that you keep following in mind. The interpreters are your allies in conveying your message to the audience. You can help them by following these simple guidelines:

If you have a written text or notes for your speech, whether or not you intend to follow them closely, please hand them to the interpreters. Interpreters do not simply relay in words, they interpret the meaning and should therefore familiarize themselves with your subject, terminology and names. Interpreters are bound by professional secrecy, and the content of your document will remain confidential at all times.

If your paper is technical, please give the interpreters any terminology you may have or any background papers on the same subject in other languages. You may also organize a briefing with the interpreters. Meeting the speakers would be useful in order to clarify points, which will help improve performance.

If you wish to show slides, film or transparencies, please make sure that the interpreters receive the script and a copy of the transparencies or slides. The booths are often situated in locations that are not convenient for the interpreters to see the screen. So it would be helpful if the interpreters have copies of the projected text in front of them.

When reading from a script, speakers tend to speed-up, which means that the audience will find it difficult to follow, and as a result, parts of your message will be lost. So it may be advisable to pace your delivery beforehand. Ideally you should allow 3 minutes per page of 40 lines.

It is highly appreciated that prior to the opening of any event that the audience be advised that is being interpreted live; and to kindly request, for all those that take the word to ensure that they speak in a paced manner

Finally, make sure that you choose one language to do the entire presentation. Avoid switching from one language to another every other word or sentences since this will make it very difficult for the audience listening in to follow the content!


Simultaneous interpretation is a service for participants who do not speak the same language. The role of the interpreters is to repeat, as faithfully as possible, everything that is said by a presenter or another participant. By using simultaneous interpreters, all the participants to a conference or round table, can benefit from the presentations.

What you need to get started:

Interpreters: professional interpreter who will provide the simultaneous interpretation.

Interpretation equipment: that can provide de audio/visual equipment for the entire event.

How it works:

-Microphones are set up for the presenters and/or participants
-Sound-proof booth is set up in a room for the simultaneous interpreters
-The interpreters are able to listen to anything that is said in the
-The interpreter repeats what is said in the corresponding language
-All the participants will have receivers that will allow them to listen to
the interpreter.


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